Tommy, as most fondly yet respectfully know him, is the CEO of the Ren-Form Group of Companies and a director of REN-Flex. His passion for the business and his industry expertise are the driving force behind the company’s success.

Starting in production at Ren-Form, Tommy continued to work his way up the management ladder. The then owner of Ren-Form afforded him the opportunity to show his true potential and become the businessman and entrepreneur he was meant to be. Tommy became a partner and then took the bold step to acquire Ren-Form in 1989.

Tommy is a crisis and change management expert both in business and finance. His ability to innovate, map and realise equitable and innovative solutions transfers into immense wealth across Ren-Form’s operations.

An ethical advisor with unwavering integrity, Tommy’s leadership style ensures the best results from his project and management teams.

In his spare time, Tommy takes part in a variety of hobbies including adrenaline related activities to boost his heart-rate.