Here’s a familiar story. A brand owner had an amazing new packaging design that he wanted to try out. The problem? He wasn’t sure digitalhow consumers would react to it. He put in an order with his usual overseas supplier but as is usually the case, ordering a small batch to test the waters wouldn’t be cost effective so he went ahead with his larger normal order. When the new packaging hit the shelves there was a problem, while the imaging his design team had chosen was striking, it was proving to be confusing to the consumers and lowering sales. While the team goes back to the drawing board, the brand owner thinks about the hit he’s going to have to take for the extra stock he has of the failed label.

Cont (10)This doesn’t need to be the case, Ren-Flex has a digital printer that allows you to print short runs of labels to test on your market before you go ahead and order in bulk. You can test as many new designs as you want in whatever quantities you’d like with the added bonus of not having to wait for your order to come from far and wide, because all our printing is done at our factory in Johannesburg.

Digital printing also has the extra advantage of allowing for personalisation and customisation through HP Mosaic and HP Collage which means that you can create extraordinary personalised, customised labels that stand out on the shelf and grab consumers attention. Contact us to find out more about our digital printing solutions: