As consumers, we don’t just grab the first product we see on the shelf as we enter a store. We look at what’s on the shelf and read the labels. Whether it be choosing pet food or tomato ketchup, we check the label. Why do we do this? What makes a simple label so important?

Labels act as the identity of a product which allows consumers to distinguish between brands. It speaks for the brand when they can’t. Whether buying a microwave or a bag of chips, labels matter. Product labels aren’t just about promoting and branding, they contain other important information for consumers to check. This is why there are different forms of labels, stickers, tags, even content prints on the packaging.


A label should promote the product, sometimes just an attractive label is enough to convince a consumer to buy a product. For a label to be successful it needs to stand out from the rest on the shelf, it needs to have something that sets it apart and makes consumers want to pick it up and take a closer look at it.  With digital technology brands have the option of running smaller runs to test the market, what works and what doesn’t.  Gone are the days when brands had to run millions or thousands to test a product just to live out the life of the campaign.

ProductLabels_8Product Contents

Labels provide us with information about the contents and ingredients of the product. For example, it is essential for someone with food allergies to check food product labels for ingredients or allergen warnings for triggers.  Consumers are educated about what goes into products and some want to know more – hence they read labels.  What are you hiding and what is natural – how much fat content it has and what dyes and colorants are in the product. This part of the product informs us and helps us maintain our heath.

Product Instructions

Labels can also guide with directions explaining how to use the product correctly. It explains how frequently the product should be used, the correct dosage, when it should be used and with many food products, it includes cooking instructions. This allows us to use the products correctly and effectively.  But what better way to use Blippar to explain how to make the awesome dish that is displayed or educate consumers on other uses that they may not have considered. Interaction with the brand is extremely important.

Product Warnings

Some products might cause side effects for some people when used or consumed, the label serves as a place where these product warnings can be found. This can also include warnings about where or how not to use products, for example “avoid contact with eyes” warnings and some toxic products also include the number for poison control, should you accidentally consume their product.


Pricing plays a big role in which product a consumer chooses. Consumers are always looking to get more than they pay for so brands who offer bigger products for the same price tend to be quite popular.  However don’t be fooled if a consumer feels they are getting value for money – and that they are getting more than what they bargained for, they will fork out that extra money for how it makes them feel in the end.

Labels provide many very important functions to products and are extremely helpful to consumers when trying to better understand a product. A good quality label could help your product’s sales. Contact us for all your labelling solutions: