When we frequent a shop or retail store the first thing we see is the product on the shelf and its packaging – or better yet, the label that represents the brand and the content. So, it is safe to say that the label/packaging can make or break the success of a product, the same can be said of a promotional campaign. Would it then be safe to come to the conclusion that product labels are an underutilized tool as a marketing platform? Considering it’s the first thing consumers see when they look at store shelves, brands are neglecting the label or packaging’s potential as a marketing tool. Some of the most successful marketing campaigns have custom labelincorporated label changes in their campaigns. Here are a few ways customised labels can become a useful tool to help your promotional marketing:

Holiday Campaign

What if you were to change your product label’s shape, colour or material to add a touch of holiday cheer to your existing brand; add a hashtag, use a themed approach or mosaic it? Have you considered asking us about augmented reality and how we can assist you in using Blippar to add an interactive element to your campaign? With these and other subtle changes to your label or packaging you can enhance the appearance and make celebrating that special time of year even more spectacular. Adding that emotionally gripping, brand loyalty with subtle changes to your products appearances.

                                           Feature New Information
custom label 4Customised labels can be used as an educational tool to provide nutritional, promotional or dietary information to clients and consumers. Make it known that your product now has 30% less sugar or that it’s recently won an award. Featuring information as a bright graphic front-and-centre means your customers will pick you out from the competition much quicker.

Tags and Sleeves
Customised labels allow companies to brand and rebrand themselves whenever they feel that they need to. Adding to this it affords brands the opportunity to build interaction with their users. Collecting data that custom label 2is vital for future development and marketing. However, it can be expensive to frequently change label designs and over stocking for a particular holiday can become an issue and lead to things like 70% off sales, unsettling companies bottom lines. Alternatives are also on offer and it is sometimes the most cost-effective way that will save you the headache and concerns of going big. With this in mind you may want to consider a tag or a sleeve? By creating these additional labelling opportunities, you can create interest without having to redesign, reorder or reapply your labels.

Customised product labels are a must for every brand as consumers are demanding change and that “something different”. Have you considered that “X” factor when you design your labels? If so and you would like us to assist you with any of the above – give us a call now and one of our Marketing Consultants will be happy to assist you. Can you afford to be a follower, or do you want to be a leader and innovator in your field. Let your Brand speak for you when you not there – do it with packaging – Ren-Form and Ren-Flex – we here to help you.