vintage coverThere’s something about vintage designs that resonates through time. We always seem drawn to products with labels that seem to hark back to days gone by. Why is this? What makes vintage packaging so successful? We’ve boiled it down to two elements: history and quality.

vintage History
Vintage labels have the ability to give a new brand a sense of history and highlight the history of a more established brand. Why is this important? Because it evokes nostalgia, it means that when you see the same candy bar from your youth or a similar one you are transported back in time. You are reminded of the “good old days” the moments that you’d like to recall and, in some cases, relive. At the same time this history satisfies the curiosity of the younger generations eager to explore the past.
Call it retro, old school, vintage or a throwback, new designs that echo those of the past are using something old to sell something new. The classic characteristics that evoke nostalgia helps brands get closer to their consumers. People will buy, share and gift vintage packaged goods to reconnect with a fond experience.

vintage 2_editedQuality
Designs hark back to the commercial advertising era of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. This connects consumers to a time when quality and workmanship were a source of pride. Brand owners know how much safer and more impressive new packaging materials can be, compared to their 60’s counterparts, but a colourful design from childhood can catch a consumer’s eye in a way that differentiates it from other packaging.

The popularity of vintage designs has exploded over the past two decades. Vintage designs feel more expensive, more special, like a limited edition. This makes vintage designs with their nostalgic air a natural fit for brands celebrating milestone anniversaries. Some brands have even introduced classic limited editions and collectible merchandise to fulfil consumer demand.

A vintage look and feel can lend a sense of exclusiveness, nostalgia and quality that can elevate the brand perception and make products fly off the shelf.