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The Magic of Colour in Design


Have you ever thought about your favourite colour and why you like that specific colour? What emotions it evokes, and how you feel when you dress in that colour or why you choose that colour when choosing a car for instance. There is a variety of emotions behind colour and what emotions it provokes. Same goes for design and brand design, what colour you use will determine the mood or perception consumers have of their brand or campaign.

For instance, research shows that most businesses use black (37%) and shades of blue and red (27%) in their branding with a few notable exceptions of course. Blue for instance is the most-used colour in social media profiles and red the second. So, let’s analyse each colour and see what emotion or communication signals it projects:



Red communicates actions, it promotes decision making and engagements, great when you need someone to take an action to your post or brand. It is associated with urgency, power love and or danger.


Well we all know that blue is the calming colour and it one of the most popular colours for brands as stated above. It projects depth, stability intelligence and precision. Panasonic and Imperial spring to mind.



This colour I believe is most underutilised and it communicates growth, money, freshness and safety. It also prompts feelings ofrestfulness and safety. Go Nedbank!


The sunshine colour that stimulates mental activity and most popular with leisure and pleasure brands. It’s a colour that communicates cheerfulness, success, sunshine and intellect. Goes without saying it’s the Ren-Form Group colours. (just saying)




Triggering mental activity and appetite, favoured by food and toy brands alike. It promotes a feeling of enthusiasm, success, happiness and creativity. Go Fanta!



This is the colour of royalty and mystery and great for luxury brands. Power, nobility, luxury and wealth are associated with this awesome colour. Cadbury chocolates come to mind…mm mm!



Now don’t you get the feeling of wholesomeness and warmth when you see this colour? Most popular for men’s brands and products. Depicts stability, masculinity, abundance and earthiness.


Hospitals and purity springs to mind not so? Spot on associate with cleanliness and favoured by heal and technology services brands. Gives the feeling of light, purity, safety and of course simplicity.



This colour brings about the feeling of sophistication and the handiest colour for backgrounds and typography. (not the most exciting but hey). Projects a feeling of conservativeness, formal, cool and that touch of modern.


Depth and perspective, and by far the best element for copy or design elements. This powerful colour’s mission is to project power, elegance formality and of course the most authority over all colours.

So, there you have it use your colours wisely remember it sets the mood and conveys emotions and definitely communicates your style. Remember that the next time you design for social, brochures, magazine covers and all your design elements or brand positioning.


Ask yourself this “what mood or emotion do I want to evoke – then only choose your pallet”


Not sure how to use the colours or print that goes along with it, then call your Ren-Form Group Representative and we will gladly assist you.