Ever wondered what goes into designing that container/packet that holds your favorite bubble bath, or potato snack? Some of the top Branding houses are of the opinion that packaging for the future must be bold, agile and visionary almost beyond the consumer imagination. Call it an experience or journey, communicating and jumping out as it may from the aisle. Driving loyalty and ROI driving the customer experience to the next level.Packaging

So, having a good product and bad packaging will negate the effort of a good marketing strategy and vice versa. Ever imagines what goes into designing these masterpieces/or not, before it hits our shelves? Lets’ put ourselves in that space for a minute, and imagine what goes through the minds when designing such a masterpiece…



  1. Who is my Consumer?

What would I like if I was the consumer of this product, what would I like to see, experience when I touch this, smell this, taste this? How easy is this packaging to open, is it easy to read, e.g. product description, nutritional info, what goes into making this product (are you taking my wellbeing into consideration). Am I attracting the right audience and am I getting my message across?

  1. What makes my product unique?

How does my product solve a problem or stand out from the opposition? Consumers are vastly different but we all ask one question “What is in it for me?” or the Millennial Question – “What is the product going to do for ME” Will my product make the consumer’s life simpler, or help them in any way better yet make them feel better about themselves… WINNER!

  1. What do Consumer Trends disclose?

What’s trendy and what’s not… are people still buying big bulky products or are the moving to more convenience and smaller goods, are gadgets and reusable containers selling versus recyclable and biodegradable products and packaging? Some consumers are willing to pay more depending on their cause, ease of use and convenience they require. Who is your target audience and why would they purchase a smaller/gadgetry more pricy packaging than the bulky more cost-effective type?

  1. Cheap VS Nasty

How far would I go to get cost effective packaging at the expense of a really good product offering? Wow, that sounds a bit harsh! Consumers notice cheap and nasty and get put off in a heartbeat. Thus, Good Product + Good Packaging = Healthy Bottom Line. (Yes, it goes without saying that a good marketing strategy is vital to any successful branding strategy)

  1. Out with the Old in with the NEW

Although many consumers purchase on “my Mom used it” we are by nature curious, and stimulating and extraordinary packaging can sway consumers. Trends change and some brands may lose their “allure” simply because they “don’t look as clean and funky” Occasionally a little change brought on by colour, shape, image is all that is required

Ok I have to remember this is a blog and I could still think and overthink this for hours on end. But I’m sure you get the just of our blog today and understand that the packet of coffee beans you just put in your trolley had a heap of thought put behind it.

So, next time you are shopping for goodies, share your thoughts, as we would love to hear what appeals to you and what didn’t…

Ending off with some branding that went horribly wrong, … what were they thinking?